Easy Grammar

trans women

Quick focus on nouns and adjectives

a transwoman , ‘trans’ a prefix describing the gender identity of a woman
a ciswoman, ‘cis‘ a prefix describing the gender identity of a woman (also known as cisgender / cisfemale)

both are women (plural)

a black woman , ‘black’ an adjective describing colour (or sometimes ethnicity)
a tall woman, ‘tall’, adjective describing her height (size)
a beautiful woman, ‘beautiful adjective describing her appearance (opinion)

using the rule of adjectives word order

opinion  – size – colour  + noun

A beautiful, tall black transwoman


trans women

Laila El-Metoui is an Independent Education Consultant and Teacher Educator with over 25 years’ experience in the Further Education sector. Her Curriculum background is in EFL and ESOL.

Her staff development training sessions include LGBT inclusion for managers and teachers with practical ideas for inclusion in lessons, tailor-made to the need of your education institution.

She also runs webinars (online seminars) see links below

The Ideas Factory Webinar Serie 

Queer Fridays Webinars

Visit http://www.lelmeducation.com or email her lailaelm@hotmail.com


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