About LelmEducation

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in LelmEducation!

LelmEducation offers strategic and operational support for public sector organisations. It is run by the award-winning Laila El-Metoui (Stonewall Lesbian Role Model 2020). Laila is a highly experienced Education Consultant with extensive ESOL curriculum expertise, and recent experience of managing social integration programmes within local authorities in London.

She has spent 25 years in the Further Education sector and over 12 years experience managing curriculum staff and community programmes, including very large budgets for local authorities and further education colleges in London. She has a strong drive for quality, innovation, inclusion and a genuine passion for education and quality assurance. She possesses outstanding networking skills and has a proven track record of building effective and sustainable partnerships.

A truly respected ESOL specialist in the UK, her secrets to success include having positive energy, a commitment to social justice and a solid work ethic. She gives regular public talks and presentations at conferences and seminars, further demonstrating the effectiveness of her people skills.

Notable Achievements Include:

• Current chair of Proud London Councils (Pan London forum for LGBT+ staff networks in local authorities)
• Publication of LGBTQ+ teaching resources, with published press articles and academic journals
• Project manager of Welcome to Tower Hamlets programme (£500k+ budget)
• Co-founder and chair of NATECLA London (National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults), 2008–2015


ESOL, literacy, functional skills, staff development, teacher training, quality assessment and improvement, tutoring and enrichment, project management, equality diversity and inclusion and bid writing.

Workshops for Further Education Teachers:

Laila delivers a range of engaging, interactive and highly practical training sessions. These are fully customised and unique to your organisation, tailored to meet the needs of your teaching staff.

For a free consultation and/or free costed consultancy proposal, please email me at lailaelm@hotmail.com.

Current Workshops Available:

• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in post16 curriculum
• Embedding LGBT+ in ESOL classes at all levels 
• The invisible learners & how to support people with invisible protected characteristics
• Mental Health and ESOL, best practices for supporting learners 
• Employability, employment and ESOL for work 
• Learner voice, practical tips for increasing engagement 
• New learner induction
• Supporting pre-entry learners with little or no literacy 
• Inclusive learning for lower levels
• All workshops include a pre and post training questionnaire and training resources.


• Strategic and operational review of equality, diversity and inclusion
• Help with how to further improve your organisation
• Support with return on investment and impact monitoring
• LGBT+ organisational health check

Public Speaking & Panel Discussion

  • How to be better allies
  • LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace – best practice in the public sector 
  • The importance of equality 
  • Deconstructing intersectionality
  • Supporting the embedding in LGBT+ within post16 education , including working with people whose first Language is not English 
  • Setting up and growing an LGBT+ staff network 
  • How to raise LGBT+ visibility in the workplace 
  • How to challenge prejudice and discrimination in the workplace 

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